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Does the culture need support?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As a result of the pandemic, many people struggle to cope with government-imposed restrictions. Amongst people directly affected by the measures are artists, employees of galleries, museums, theatres, etc. Should they receive support?

On one hand, there is no doubt about it - culture and common heritage are what unites us and makes us who we are. On the other hand, maybe we are witnessing changes on a global scale and we need to find new solutions and a new place for culture in our lives.

According to The Guardian (2020) "Many British performing arts workers - designers, technicians, directors, singers, actors and musicians - are freelancers. They now face a desperate situation. These people find themselves in a dramatic situation through no fault of their own. In one day they were deprived of their sources of income and they certainly need support. Let us remember that by supporting culture, we support not only institutions but first of all, real people''.



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