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Evaluation of Paradigms

This essay is a critical analysis of the Paradigms module, where I am going to explore several aspects that we have developed together during the classes.

One such example is the analysis of articles, literature, and industry films. Searching for a definition of the paradigm in photography, reflection on the essence of beauty based on the concepts of Immanuel Kant, or a joint analysis of the achievements of artists in the period of modernism and postmodernism, as well as the views of Walter Benjamin, allow us to understand what photography is and what is its meaning and place in the contemporary world. The analysis of the content published by experts also helps us to form our own opinions and to develop the ability to defend them.

During the module, the tutor and their knowledge and expertise play an extremely helpful role in the analysis and understanding of academic concepts and their proper position in culture. The support provided by our tutor cannot be overestimated and the teaching model, in which the teacher does not provide ready-made solutions, but where possible, teaches us to ask the right questions, research and inquire, seems to be more effective. The exercises and tasks we did, did not lead to answers or evidence but open next door with more hidden questions. Everyone had to work out the answers on their own, which allowed us to develop an individual style for each of us. An example of such teaching and learning may be the task of drafting Op-ed article, which required the analysis of the text from the anthology provided by the tutor, understanding its content and responding to it in a critical manner. It was a new experience for me, quite different from essays I had previously written, in which I had enthusiastically presented my theses. I remember them as very intellectually stimulating.

Finally, I would like to draw attention to online lessons, which may be an advantage for some and a barrier for others. The situation caused by Covid-19 gives no other choice than online lessons, but whilst it does not affect access to theoretical knowledge, the practical aspect of the course may be lost. Exercises performed in the studio are difficult or even sometimes impossible to be carried out at home. Internet bandwidth may also be an obstacle.

Overall, I have found the module challenging and stimulating. I feel I have improved my academic skills and wish I had more opportunities to do practical tasks with my student friends and the tutor. Nevertheless, it should be recognised that, considering the circumstances, the lessons are taking place and internet made it possible for this module to be completed by providing platforms to connect with teachers, other students, and content of the course.


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