I am a photographer, originally from Poland currently living in Wales, UK. I have always had an interest in photography, which I decided to explore further as I pursued a degree course in 2019. Throughout my studies I have worked to refine my skills as a portrait and landscape photographer. I am also interested in creating illusionary images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. ​


The idea of perspective and lighting plays a big part in all my work. The inspiration for my portraits comes from baroque painting, especially the works of Rembrandt and the pioneers of portrait photography, Felix Tournachon Nadar and Julia Margaret Cameron.

I am predominantly occupied with classical portraits, as well as fine art, aiming to capture the best side and the beauty of the character of the photographed people by using light and postures creatively.

In addition, I experiment with cinematic portraits, without limiting myself to one particular convention.​​​​


In landscapes, I try to capture the enchanted beauty of the photographed places, create a climate and give a philosophical depth and meaning, also influence the emotions of the viewers through colour corrections, lights and shadows. I am looking for places that speak to the subconscious, mysterious, sometimes dark places, but also places that emanate with transcendental aura.